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Privacy Statement

Security and Confidentiality

At Creatu, we understand the importance of your privacy. We are dedicated to protecting all of our customers information to provide you with a secure and hassle free online experience. Please find all information regarding our security and confidentiality relating to the usage of the Creatu website in the statement below. By visiting the Creatu website and/or use of any features within the website, you consent to our data collection described in detail in this statement.

Information collection

The Creatu website collects user information that is inputted by the user either through our account creation feature or message support feature. Information collected include, email addresses, first and last name, addresses, and telephone numbers. Other collected information may include non personal information such as postal codes and website preferences.

Creatu discourage the disclosure of any personally identifiable information through our public message boards or any other public communication system as the information may be leaked to third parties unbeknownst to Creatu. 

Privacy statements of every website differs, Creatu recommends caution when visiting website directed to and from the Creatu website. Our privacy statement only applies to the usage of our own website, and other websites are out of the bounds of our control.

Information Usage

The collection and usage of your information is strictly for the benefit of the website visitors by delivering requested services such as account management and customer support. Your information may be used to create tailored recommendations of other products or services for you and your business needs that are either being offered directly by Creatu or its affiliates. Your information may also be used to allow us to contact you to provide us with feedback and suggestions to further improve existing services or create new services. 

We are web users ourselves, and we understand the importance of your privacy. Therefore, your information stored within our website will not be used for any monetary benefit for Creatu, including renting, trading, or selling our customer information to third party members. We may use your information to allow our affiliates to provide you with appropriate offerings that may be of interest to you. The shared information will be between Creatu and it’s affiliates only, and will not be used in any transactions with third parties. Furthermore, the shared information may be used to allow Creatu and affiliates to perform critical data analysis to allow us to provide you with better and faster services, such usage is needed to allow Creatu to maintain it’s high quality products and services. 

Rest assured that Creatu will not, under any circumstances, disclose any sensitive personal information such as race, religion, or political affiliations, nor will any Creatu staff collect such information without your consent.

web page visits, clicks, and other information relating to website traffic may be collected and used to create more tailored browsing experience for our customers. Such information is used to create relevant but unobtrusive advertising, customized content, and faster customer service. Such information is used internally within Creatu, and is not shared with third parties. 

Your information will only be disclosed without notice under circumstances that is required to do so by law reinforcements or other parties in the belief that such action is necessary a) to allow the service providers of Creatu maintain and deliver their services without interruption, provided such information will solely be used for the aforementioned purpose; b) to protect and defend the rights or property of Creatu; c) to conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on Creatu; d) to act in immediate circumstances to protect the personal safety of the site visitors, the website, or the general public.

Information Security

Any information provided to us by our user base is secured and protected from any unauthorized access. Our website utilizes Secure Socket Layer protocol to encrypt communication between the servers which our website resides on and the browser the user is using. Creatu carefully examines the server environment which houses our content to ensure your information resides within a secure and controlled environment. Creatu is actively monitoring any malicious attacks or intrusions from third parties, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our existing web security system.

Statement Updates

Taking our customer privacy and the uncertainty of our future content update schedule into consideration, Creatu reserves the right to make changes to this statement without notice. We encourage users of our website to review our privacy statement periodically to be informed of any changes that might affect you. 


For any inquiries or concerns regarding our information collection and the usage of our website, feel free to contact us at We are constantly looking to improve our website and we welcome any comments you may have regarding our privacy statement