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Design Training Courses

Design Training Courses

Do you have lots of creativity? Want to use that creativity in an industry that has cutting edge visual technology? 

Being a creative professional is a growing demand as they posses many solid technical foundation and professional skills. With this program it will further develop you and prepare you for a successful career in the most exciting and important sectors. 

Not only will you build a strong foundation in things like drawing, color and design and most importantly the hands on training with the newest software being used. 

If you have a strong passion for building marketable design skills in this industry then this is for you. You’ll be able to expand your understanding of different issues and trends within this industry. 

Computer-Aided Design And Drafting Specialist 

Computer-aided design tools are being used more and more in the field of engineering and architecture. In applications they are used in areas such as Facilities Management, Construction and Interior Design. 

This tool is the most common computer-aided design application for fields in Product design, Engineering, Architecture, and many more. In this, you will be able to learn about different technical aspects of computing, communication, and mathematics. 

Not only will you develop 2D skills but have a more complex understanding of 3D Modelling. You will get lots of practice to help further develop your skills and have real work experience. 

Graphic Design 

To pursue a career in the field of Graphic Design, you must have the practical and technical skills to be in this field of work as an advertising company, freelancer, and graphic design firm. 

You will learn about the different ideas of design, color theory, prepress processes, presentation, and many more. Students will become technically skilled in different software like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, and Action script for web designers. 

Graphic Design Technology 

This training will help further develop your skill to help start a career in the industry of graphics and digital media. 

Graphic Design Training 

In this section, you will get hands-on training on the latest hardware and software programs. For example Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. 

Not only will you get familiar with the software but you will sharpen your skills in different areas like photography, typography, and illustration. 

3D Design Training

An in-depth examination of 3D design and its design production will be demonstrated throughout this course. The revolutionary future of 3D design is one of the features that is explored within the course. Learners will gain a stronger understanding of 3D design and its production and be able to customize 3D designs and its productions through the engagement of various aspects such as multi-dimensional transformation, material selection with 3D production, and hands-on exercises

Digital Marketing and Web Development 

By the end of this program, you will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and the different strategies that come with it. As an added bonus you will learn about different coding software like HTML and CSS.