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About Creatu

Creatu is one of the industry leaders in web-based design and customer management services.

  • Conceptualize visuals based on customer requirements
  • Keep track of customer design issues and complaints
  • Help resolve customer design and management issues promptly and efficiently
  • Build and strengthen customer relationships
  • Help create preventive measures to reduce future issues of design and product management
  • Perform analysis on customer service quality


Creatu provides our clients with an efficient, convenient, and reliable design and management services that are unrivaled by competitors. Our design development team has worked alongside businesses to create a platform solution that meets the demands and requirements of today’s businesses. Through our design and products management services, we hope to bring customers and businesses closer than ever to allow seamless communication and have finished products delivered


Unlike traditional customer service platforms, Creatu utilizes the fast growing technology of the internet. Through the usage of the internet, customer service can achieve efficiency and deliver satisfactory results previously unattainable. Our services takes full advantage of the web to greatly shorten the distance of products communication between designers, manufactuerers, suppliers, retailers, technicians, and customers. We are excited to share our accomplishments with businesses hoping to achieve greater customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and thrive to be the best.


Business System Features


  • Translate ideas into sketches, wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes
  • Create digital assets for a range of platforms
  • Secure customer account management system
  • Enhanced customer ticket system with continually updated statuses
  • Multiple notification methods including email, sms, and callbacks
  • Customized search engine
  • Internal and external messaging system
  • Filterable support file management system
  • Detailed record keeping system with status checkers
  • Technical reports
  • Recorded phone calls history
  • Updated inventory statuses